Devotional Thought for Today – 02/20/2021

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Exodus 33

I doubt there are very few folks in the “civilized” world who have never heard the hymn Rock of Ages Cleft for Me. Many biblical references apply to this Hymn, but none greater than that found in our main text for today Exodus 33:21-23.

¹As the young minister traveled through the rugged country near England’s Cheddar Gorge, the clouds burst and torrential sheets of rain pummeled the earth. The weary traveler was able to find shelter standing under a rocky overhang. There, protected from the buffeting wind and rain, Augustus Toplady conceived one of the most popular hymns ever written, “Rock of Ages, Cleft for me, Let me hide myself in Thee.”

In Chapter 33 Moses has had to once again intercede on behalf of the Jewish people. While conversing with God (think on that for a moment) he asks to see God. God grants his request with conditions that Moses cannot look upon God’s face, His full Glory, or Moses would die. The solution is God will put Moses in a protected spot (Cleft of the Rock) and ensure his safety. 

This is applicable today in two ways, First EVERY believer is hidden in the Cleft of the Rock, that is Christ.  He alone bore and hides all our sins and keeps us safe from the righteous wrath of God. Second, EVERY time a believer goes to God in prayer God, just like he did for Augustus Toplady provides shelter from the storm.  It may not be a physical shelter or even the type we expect but it is always shelter that God designs (He is sovereign) for our best interest and His Glory. 

Today instead of prayer, I offer another great Hymn, this one from Fanny Crosby for Contemplation and Worship:


¹ Source

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