Sunday Sermon Series – The First Promise

Protoevangelium is the combining word of two Greek words, protos meaning “first” and evangelion meaning “good news” or “gospel”. Genesis 3:15 is commonly referred to as the first mention of the good news of salvation in the Bible and is therefore called the Protoevangelium.

The first promise Genesis 3:15 is like the first small spring or head of a great river, which the farther it runs the bigger it grows by the accession of more waters to it. Or like the sun in the heavens, which the higher it mounts the more bright and glorious the day still grows. – John Flavel 

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Anyone even remotely familiar with the bible knows the basic story of Genesis 3.  As a reminder here is my condensed outline of the first 15 verses. 

      • v.1 – A cunning serpent (the fallen angel Satan) temps Eve in the garden of Eden
      • v.2-3 – Eve reply’s to the serpent
      • v.4-5 – The serpent calls God a liar
      • v. 6-7 – Adam and Eve both sin against God (eat the forbidden fruit) and their sinfulness is revealed to them
      • v.8-9 – Adam and Eve try (unsuccessfully) and hide their sin from God 
      • v.10-12,13 – Adam makes excuses for sinning (blames Eve), Eve answers God
      • v.14-15 – God curses the serpent


The Seed of the Woman, and the Seed of the Serpent

George Whitefield, (1714-1770)


The Proto-Evangelium | Reformed Bible Studies …


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