Anchors of my Faith

Anchors of my Faith

By Steve Gallagher 

For many of us, this has been a year of uncertainty, chaos, and confusion. At times it feels like our faith is being attacked from every side. A global pandemic, racial, political, and spiritual division, and unrest all around us all conspire to make us doubt the validity and relevance of our faith. If that wasn’t enough, opponents of Christianity take advantage of every opportunity to reinforce those doubts and publicly mock and attack believers. 

I’m sure your faith is also hardy enough to handle such blatant assaults. Nevertheless, this sort of thing is a good reminder that attacks upon our faith will only intensify in the days ahead. With that in mind, I thought it might be helpful to mention a few of what I will call “Anchors of My Faith:” trustworthy reminders that our hope is not in this world, but is founded on the unchanging rock of Jesus Christ…



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