Altruistic Birds Embarrass Evolutionists

Why are evolutionists surprised to learn that birds are intelligent, careful, and very caring? Birds communicate among themselves, use tools, and often demonstrate altruism (unselfishly caring for others)—sometimes risking their own welfare to care for a neighbor in need.1 Yet, if evolutionists would take Scripture seriously, especially Genesis, they would not be surprised, because Christ bioengineered … More Altruistic Birds Embarrass Evolutionists

Science and God

Please scroll to the bottom for a free book giveaway Dr. Meyer was recently featured in PragerU’s 5-part series on science and God. Meyer is a Cambridge-trained philosopher of science and New York Times bestselling author of Return of the God Hypothesis. As a leading proponent of intelligent design, he argues that there are specific features … More Science and God

God or Dystopia?

The Secret Knowledge Andrew Klavan The Secret Knowledge is merely this: there’s a God, creation speaks his nature in the language of matter, and only in guileless surrender to that Word made flesh can we enter eternity and become fully human. The Bell Curve Meme tells the tale: we have to grow very wise before … More God or Dystopia?

What Are Women For?

Our culture has long struggled with the realities of sexual difference, or “gender.” While first- and second-wave feminism generally asserted that women were equal in value to men, transgenderism now asserts that women are interchangeable with men. Notice the underlying assumption:  in order for men and women to have equal value, they have to be the … More What Are Women For?

Apologetics Update: Quick Answers to Tough Questions

On Feb. 3, 2022, Stand in the Gap Today Host, Hon. Sam Rohrer, and co-host, Dr. Gary Dull,  interviewed Dr. Bryan Osborne, a speaker and author with Answers in Genesis. Their topic included an apologetics update featuring quick answers to tough questions like: Where did Cain find his wife? Did dinosaurs exist? What is the true age of the earth? These questions and … More Apologetics Update: Quick Answers to Tough Questions

Evolutionary Acceptance and Misinformation

A recent study claims that a majority (54%) of Americans now accept as true the statement “Human beings, as we know them today, developed from earlier species of animals.”1 Unfortunately, given the increased secularization of American society, this increased acceptance of evolution may well be real. Nevertheless, it’s remarkable that, despite decades of attempts by the … More Evolutionary Acceptance and Misinformation