Editorial – Proud American

Recently I have seen a H U G E increase in the number of folks posting “I hate America” on social media.

Listen, no one claims this is utopia, then again anyone who thinks we can have that short of Heaven, is either delusional or doing copious amounts of drugs. Those of us who are old enough to have studied U.S. History, World History (NOT social studies) and lived through the age of communist nuclear threat; understand America is by and far the greatest Nation on earth. 

So to those who hate America, I have but two messages for you:

1) I will continue to pray for you 

2) I will help you pack (is China, Cuba Russia or Venezuela your preference?)

proudamerican graphic (1).png

Of course there is a third option we can stop whining about the ills of America and start doing something CONSTRUCTIVE and not DESTRUCTIVE together to fix them. That of course is just one man’s opinion. 

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