The Exchange of Pleasures 

“The pleasure of obeying God is far greater than any pleasure that sin affords.”

The Exchange of Pleasures 


Many moons ago I was into dieting and supplements and lifting-weights. I still am today, although to a much lesser degree. I try to eat healthy most days of the week. I take fewer supplements. And I lift weights and run, say, three or four days a week (when we’re not living in a coronavirus age). I feel much better when I take care of my body.

These days, though, I’m working on my pastor and dad bod which is notoriously not much to look at. My physique now isn’t what it was back in my early twenties and that’s okay. But back when I was a Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutrition Specialist, I learned many lessons that are transferable to the Christian life. One of those lessons is this: achieving a fitness goal and killing sin both happens through the exchange of pleasures…

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