The Importance of Rest in the Christian Life

Many of us suffer from hurry sickness. We rush through our days and never have enough time to get everything done. Dr. Suzanne Koven, who practices internal medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, writes: In the past few years, I’ve observed an epidemic of sorts: patient…

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A Mini Q&A on A Few Calvinistic Doctrines

I, along with my co-pastor, are preaching through the Gospel of John. We’re about halfway done. The Fourth Gospel is not merely introductory material on the Christian life, but a deep, theological book that covers many weighty topics. I would argue that John’s Gospel is

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The Meaning of the Lord’s Prayer

Interesting look at the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer Matthew 6:5-15, Luke 11:2-4

The Lord’s prayer is foundational teaching on prayer in the Bible. It is a prayer that has been prayed both privately as well as in corporate worship for thousands of years. The Lord’s prayer is often said in unison at our church and provides a good framework on how to pray. But what is the meaning of the Lord’s prayer? 

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Insights on Success from John Calvin

There’s a section in John Calvin’s two-volume edition of his Institutes of the Christian Religion called “John Calvin to the Reader.” In just four short pages, Calvin provides many insights and takeaways on success. Here are five of those takeaways. 1. We should not presume

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Why Some Christian Leaders Don’t Post About Current Events on Social Media

Why Some Christian Leaders Don’t Post About Current Events on Social Media

In a word — pressure. That’s how many Christian leaders feel about having to post about current events on social media. But it shouldn’t be this way. As you know, 2020 is shaping to be one of the most infamous years in recent memory. Whether…