Reflections on Psalm 76

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April 13, 2020 by directorfsm

I found this while looking for a devotional to post write this morning. As you read Psalm 76 reflect upon:

v.1 God is known everywhere,

v.4 God is Glorious above all else, 

v.7 God is to be feared (greatly revered) 

v.8 God will judge all the earth (mankind)

v.12 God is sovereign (ruler) over all the earth

Psalm 76 (AMP)

Salmos 76 (RVR 1960) 



My dear enemy’s time’s nearly up,
His sleeplessness nights,
Are a sign of what’s coming,
The stench of hatred’s words,
Will be smelt by everyone,
No perfume can hide its putrid odour,
It’s the smell of fear,
That is seen in God’s coming victory.

There is only one sure thing in life,
This is God’s love to those who trust him,
Power hungry liars will die like everyone else,
The greedy life destroyer’s time is running out,
God’s final work will set it all right,
His word will still the hater’s tongue for ever,
His word will bring life to the broken hearted.

In the midst of the great silence,
God is watching every evil act,
Nothing is missed,
I will wait for him,
Certain that my voice is heard,
And, that God’s love will protect me.

Charles H. Spurgeon’s Treasury of David Commentary on Psalm 76

My favorite (maybe 🙂 ) is from verse 7: 

“The fear of man is a snare, but the fear of God is a great virtue, and has great power for good over the human mind. God is to be feared profoundly, continually, and alone. Let all worship be to him only. And who may stand in thy sight when once thou art angry? Who indeed? The angels fell when their rebellion provoked his justice; Adam lost his place in Paradise in the same manner; Pharaoh and other proud monarchs passed away at his frown; neither is there in earth or hell any who can abide the terror of his wrath. How blest are they who are sheltered in the atonement of Jesus, and hence have Fear of God

no cause to fear the righteous anger of the Judge of all the earth.”

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