Sunday Sermon Series – 12/11/2022

ROMANS 15 Chapter CONTEXT from MHCC: The apostle, in this chapter, continues the discourse of the former, concerning mutual forbearance in indifferent things; and so draws towards a conclusion of the epistle. Where such differences of apprehension, and consequently distances of affection, are among Christians, there is need of precept upon precept, line upon line, … More Sunday Sermon Series – 12/11/2022

Preaching With Purpose

In 1850, aged sixteen, Spurgeon was tricked into preaching his first sermon. At that time, a small preaching group based at St. Andrew’s Street Chapel in Cambridge was used to supplying preachers for the surrounding villages. Impressed by the recently converted teenager, the leader of the group asked Spurgeon to go to the little village … More Preaching With Purpose

Devotional Thought for Today – 11/24/2022

Colossians 2 Chapter CONTEXT from MHCC: The apostle expresses his love to, and joy in believers. (1-7) He cautions against the errors of heathen philosophy; also against Jewish traditions and rites which had been fulfilled in Christ. (8-17) Against worshipping angels; and against legal ordinances. (18-23) I used the following quote from the Price of … More Devotional Thought for Today – 11/24/2022