Homemade Face Masks

Most of America is under Shelter in Place order as of this moment. As congressman Steve Palazzo of here in Mississippi said “Unless a trip is absolutely essential to an individual’s survival, rethink your decision to leave home. Your choice to comply with the shelter-in-place order will save lives.”

That being said there will be occasions that you will have to go out, sort have essential jobs, you will need food and medicine. When you must go out the CDC has issued guidance stating all Americans should wear a cloth mask over their mouth when going into a public setting, especially in areas of significantly-based community transmission. For a quick video on how to make a mask without sewing, check out this article. 

Homemade face mask recommended to prevent spread of COVID-19 | KRNV

For those who can sew or like to sew my friend missionary Bethanna Kortie provided this FABRIC FACE MASK TUTORIAL

I would recommend considering the following additions:


 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Braided-Elastic-Cord-Elastic-Band-Elastic-Rope-Heavy-Stretch-Knit-Elastic-Spool/362958437757?var=632082154071  (9mm)

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