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Nigerian people standing; woman holding baby

Christians Kidnapped and
Murdered in Ongoing Attacks

  • On Jan. 21, Christie Peter Mwankon, 26, was kidnapped out of her sister’s house in the middle of the night by Fulani Islamic militants.
  • A 25-year-old Christian man was killed by Fulani Islamic militants on Jan. 20.
  • Pastor Lawan Andimi was kidnapped and murdered on Jan. 20 after the Islamist group Boko Haram released a video showing him declare his trust in God regardless of the consequences.
  • A group of Christian university students were kidnapped by Islamic State West Africa Province terrorists outside Maiduguri on Jan. 9. The terrorists took video of one student’s execution, while the others remain missing.
  • Fulani Islamic militants attacked a village in Plateau state on the night of Jan. 8, killing 12 villagers and burning homes and fields.

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Congolese Christians praying. Source: Steve Evans licensed under CC BY 2.0Eleven Congolese Christians killed in ADF Islamist militant attack 

Eleven Christians were killed in an attack by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) in Mutwanga district, north-east Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), on February 18.

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Lawyer Tehmina Arora has called for the repeal of anti-conversion laws, which she says are used as a tool to harass and target Christians

Justice for eight Christians acquitted of forced conversion of children in India

Eight Indian church workers accused of the forced conversion and abduction of 60 Christian children were acquitted on February 18 by the criminal court in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh.

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Nigerian Christians praying

Christians in Nigeria call for urgent prayer as Boko Haram “ready to attack”

Christians in Nigeria have called for urgent prayer as a large-scale Boko Haram attack is thought to be imminent in Plateau State.

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The Iranian government's new rule on ID card applications is in line with its strategy of harassing Christian converts from Islam and pressurising them to emigrate

Iran forces Christian converts from Islam to declare their faith to obtain ID cards

Christian converts from Islam no longer have the choice of keeping their faith secret in Iran after the Islamic Republic removed the “other religions” option from the new application form for the national ID card.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan reassured business leaders on changes to social media rules for companies

Christian “blasphemy” cases could rise under Pakistan’s new social media law

Pakistan’s government approved a new law to monitor online platforms on January 28, which would require social media companies to remove any “unwanted and slanderous” online content within 24 hours, or six hours in “emergency cases”, prompting concerns over “blasphemy” accusations.

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Egyptian Prime Minister Mustafa Madbouli chairs the 11 February meeting of the licensing committee [Picture:]

Another 82 licenses granted to Egyptian churches in first batch of 2020

Licenses were granted to 82 church and church-affiliated buildings in Egypt on February 11 by the committee that has been overseeing the process since early 2017.

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