Saturday’s On Track Military Devotional(s)

Biblical Forgiveness Hebrews 10

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Today’s Reading | Hebrews 10:1-18
Meaning of Forgiveness

Today we learn that, what may be the most sought after commodity of mankind, is available to all. What is it? Forgiveness!! Today’s reading tells us that we can truly be forgiven. It is true that we have all sinned and fallen short of God’s standard. Some may feel that they have violated God to a greater degree than others, and that may be true. However, the opportunity for forgiveness is not based on the seriousness of the offense, but is based on the ability to forgive on the part of the one who has been violated. We learn that Jesus Christ paid the price for our sin and made it possible, by His death on the cross, for us to obtain forgiveness. According to verse seventeen, not only can we obtain forgiveness, but God remembers our sin no more. Verse eighteen further tells us that where there has been forgiveness, there is no longer a need for sacrifice for sin. There isn’t anything else we need to do to take care of it. We can live free from guilt. We are forgiven and everything is made new. Our world needs to know that they can have their sins forgiven and be made new. How can you help them see that forgiveness is possible?

Today’s Questions

Say What?

How can today’s reading help those who still suffer from guilt over past sin?

So What?

How can this passage help unsaved people who feel that their lives are too wicked to be forgiven?

Now What?

How can today’s reading help you with your feelings of guilt?

Then What?

In light of this passage, what personal commitment can you make?

Today’s Reading | Hebrews 10:19-39
Response to Forgiveness

How did you respond to the kind of truth we read yesterday? Is it just something you log in your memory bank? Or, is there some kind of action we should be taking? The passage of Scripture that we read today answers that question. There are five challenges to us in this section all beginning with the words “let us.” Number and then circle them in your Bible. First, we are to draw near to God. We do that by faithfully reading His Word every day and spending time with Him in prayer. Second, we are to hold unswervingly to the hope we have. God is faithful – we should not doubt Him or lose our confidence. Third, we are to consider how we can spur one another on toward love and good deeds. What can we do to challenge others to become more like Christ? Notice he used the word “spur.” It may not be comfortable. Fourth, we need to make church attendance a priority. There isn’t an option of whether or not to meet together. Finally, we are to encourage each other. We are to do things that boost others’ spirits. We need to pray for others and ask how we can encourage them. How are you doing in these five areas?

Today’s Questions

Say What?

Observation: What do I see?

So What?

Interpretation: What does it mean?

Now What?

Application: How does it apply to me?

Then What?

Implementation: What do I do?
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