Evolutionism Poisons Christian Worship


September 2, 2019 by directorfsm

At Moody Bible Institute, I was taught the church’s mission could be organized into three basic functions: worship, evangelism, and the edification (building up) of believers. If a church undertook an activity that couldn’t reasonably be plugged into one of those functions, then that activity was a distraction from its mission.

Have you ever considered the effect evolution has on our worship of God? As an illustration, let’s say you’ve just met Barbara, a young woman who accepted a young woman who accepted Jesus as her Savior two years ago. Since then, she’s found great fulfillment through her life in Christ and ministry to others. She especially loves worshiping her great God with fellow believers. But three months ago she began dating David, a Christian man who attends her church. He’s smart and well-read, but he has ideas that are new to her…

Continued at Source: Evolutionism Poisons Christian Worship

One thought on “Evolutionism Poisons Christian Worship

  1. kiabooks says:

    I agree. One cannot believe in the scientific theory of evolution by natural selection AND be a biblical Christian.

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