Pretend Church (Playing House… of god)


September 2, 2019 by directorfsm

An interesting article and I can agree far to many churches today have placed the emphasis on material structures rather than the Cornerstone Psalm 118:22 Christ. He alone is the Head of the church Ephesians 1:22 and appoints men to oversee His flocks (see the seven I AM series on our site).

A church (the church for you) should be faithful to the Word (expository preaching, faithful stewards to all that God has provided (use the tithes and offerings wisely) and be one God has called you to. As it has been said many times is no “perfect church” we sinners saved by Grace make it imperfect the moment we enter the door. What are we doing to make it better?

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

I grew up with a baby sister, and Mom and Dad bought her a play kitchen and dinette set.  These toys were a hit, a feature of many an hour spent in play time.  The reason I mention it is because sometimes Sis would ask me to “play house” with her.  It always involved setting her little table with the little plastic plates and pretend silverware, maybe cooking a pretend pie.  The pretend time was so much fun.

Today, we have small foster and adopted children living with us.  We have provided them with all the kitchenette toys money can buy, alright.  The stuff these kids play with today is even more “realistic” than the toys of my youth.  It’s so sophisticated that it almost looks and feels like it’s not even pretend.

It’s all lots of fun, of course, but not one ounce of it is REAL.

And that…

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One thought on “Pretend Church (Playing House… of god)

  1. Agent X says:

    Thanx for joining and spreading this conversation!

    God bless…

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