Disney’s Mulan and the Backdrop of Genocide

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Today’s BreakPoint: Disney’s Mulan and the Backdrop of Genocide



Disney’s newest live-action movie, “Mulan,” was released Friday. So far, reviews have ranged from mostly positive to absolutely glowing: “an exciting, well-crafted action movie,” a “robust” and “family-friendly, live-action Disney fantasy,” and an “epic-scale tribute to female empowerment.”

However, the feedback on Mulan has chilled considerably after reports that Disney filmed substantial portions of the movie in China’s Xinjiang province, with the blessing and cooperation of the Chinese Communist government.

Xinjiang is the home province of some 12 million Muslim Uighurs. According to the U. S. State Department, over one million of them have been moved to concentration camps where “they are starved, abused, tortured, electrocuted, raped and even killed.” Uighur women have been “forcibly sterilized . . . [and] made to use intrusive birth control methods.” There have even been reports of forced abortions and even infanticide.



Today’s BreakPoint: (2 Topics; China and Abortion)

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Germany to Honor Sophie Scholl

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Today’s BreakPoint: Germany to Honor Sophie Scholl


In February of 1943, German university student Sophie Scholl was convicted of high reason against the Nazi regime and executed by guillotine. Last week, Germany announced it will honor this Christian martyr with a €20.00 sterling silver commemorative coin. Scheduled for circulation in time for her 100th birthday, which is in 2021, the coin will bear Sophie’s likeness with her words, “A feeling for what is just and unjust” along the edge.       

Sophie Scholl was raised, along with her older brother Hans, in a nominal Lutheran household. Like most German children at the time, she was a member of the League of German Girls and her brother a member of the Hitler Youth. However, as they grew up, they became more and more disillusioned by the Nazification of virtually every area of German life and Hitler’s tyrannical opposition to much they believed to be good, such as works of art and music considered to be non-Aryan…



Mexico Rejects Abortion Imperialism

The ruling was an unpleasant surprise for many Westerners (especially Americans) who believe judicial activism is what courts are supposed to do.


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Today’s BreakPoint: Mexico Rejects Abortion Imperialism



Recently, Mexico’s Supreme Court refused a sweeping Roe v. Wade kind of ruling on abortion. This ruling was in response to another by a lower court judge which ordered the state legislature of Vera Cruz to amend its penal code and allow abortion in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. In a 4-1 decision, the Court ruled that the Vera Cruz judge exceeded his authority.

According to Justice Norma Piña, allowing courts to dictate the meaning of laws written by state legislators would be “to fall into judicial activism.”…



Hagia Sophia and the Armenian Genocide

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Today‘s BreakPoint: Hagia Sophia and the Armenian Genocide



Despite protests from around the world, Turkey has decided to convert the Hagia Sophia into a mosque. One supporter of Prime Minister Erdogan told Al Jazeera he’d been waiting fifty years for the holy site’s “original identity as a mosque” to be “restored.”

In truth, the original identity of the Hagia Sophia was as the Christian cathedral of Constantinople.

Now why should a building halfway around the world matter to us today? Well, that’s because, unfortunately, the Turkish government has a long track record of revising history. For example, between 1915 and 1923, in what’s known as the Armenian Genocide, an estimated 1.5 million Armenian Christians were killed and expelled from the Ottoman Empire, what is now Turkey.

What the Ottomans did to their Christian subjects served as a model for the Holocaust. As Adolf Hitler told military commanders just prior to the invasion of Poland, Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?”

Well, to answer his question, certainly not the Turks. Turkey and its ethnically related neighbor, Azerbaijan, are the only nations in the world that deny that the Armenian Genocide happened. What’s more, Turkey has prosecuted scholars and journalists who say otherwise, accusing them of “insulting Turkishness.” One such journalist, Hrant Dink, was murdered while awaiting trial in 2007…



The United Nations’ Quest to Create a Genderless World

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The United Nations’ Quest to Create a Genderless World



Created 75 years ago this October, the United Nations was hailed as “the last, best hope for peace,” a moniker that proved neither true nor possible (though, as I once heard a former Israeli special forces guy put it, “no one ‘monitors’ better”). A recent tweet reveals how the organization’s goal has been expanded to include the ever-elusive “equality.”

“Help create a more equal world,” said the Tweet, “by using gender-neutral language, if you’re unsure about someone’s gender or are referring to a group.” As part of the System-Wide Strategy on Gender Parity,” UN employees are being encouraged to speak and write in ways “that [do] not discriminate against a particular sex, social gender or gender identity.”

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Beijing Sets Its Sights on Hong Kong

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Beijing Sets Its Sights on Hong Kong



Just about a year ago, voters in Hong Kong sent a loud and clear message to Beijing: They would not lose the freedoms they enjoyed. In fact, pro-democracy forces there won 389 of 452 parliamentary seats in that election – more than 3x their previous total. Even more, the results were seen as overwhelming support for the pro-democracy protesters that had been filling the streets of Hong Kong for weeks.


Christians in India Face More than COVID-19

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Christians in India Face More than COVID-19



Nobel Laureate V. S. Naipaul, referring to how its people resisted top-down rule, famously called India the land of a “million mutinies.” Apparently for many of the 1.3 billion people there, laws were thought of as suggestions, and obedience as negotiable.

The era of COVID-19 seems to be an exception. The New York Times recently reported, that Indians aren’t just “dutifully following” Prime Minister Modi’s lockdown order, but are “going above and beyond it.” The sudden outbreak of rule-following means that for many Christians, there is a break from the persecution that has escalated since Prime Minister Modi took power in 2014.

Religious freedom shouldn’t be as precarious in India as it has proven to be. While the Preamble to their Constitution declares India a “secular state,” this doesn’t imply the elimination of religion from the public square or even the non-involvement of government in religious matters. The “secularism” decreed by India’s law is that no religion can enjoy privileged status over others, which in a country that is 80 percent Hindu, guarantees religious freedom and tolerance.

For the first five decades after independence, it worked for India. Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, and other minorities played major roles in Indian society. Prime Minster Modi’s predecessor, in fact, was a Sikh. Five presidents of India have been Muslims. Indian Christians have been instrumental in creating the country’s space program and have served with distinction in the Armed Forces.

During the late 1980s, however, Hindu nationalism, known as Hindutva, made a comeback. Hindutva rejects religious pluralism, aiming instead for India to become a Hindu state. In the view of Hindutva’s founder, a non-Hindu in India should be considered “at best a guest, and at worst the bastard child of foreign invasion.

The political manifestation of Hindutva is the BJP, which is the party of Prime Minister Modi. The BJP has shock troops, known as the RSS, a “paramilitary volunteer organization” with an estimated 5 million members. The primary targets of Hindu nationalists, so far, have been India’s 200 million Muslims. Thousands have been killed, including dozens that were murdered just a few weeks ago in Delhi by mobs that were egged on by both the BJP and RSS leaders.

Christians are also considered “bastard children of foreign invasions” and targeted by Hindu nationalists. In fact, the single deadliest modern attack on Christians took place, not somewhere in the Middle East, but in the Indian state of Orissa. In 2008, an anti-Christian pogrom there killed more than 500 people and caused another 12 thousand to flee their homes. In 2017 and 2018, nearly 900 instances of violence against Christians and churches were reported in India.

At the same time, Christian activities have been targeted and limited. At least six states now have laws making conversion to Christianity (or Islam) from Hinduism either difficult or impossible. Similar laws make it difficult for Christian nonprofits to operate within India. In 2017, Compassion International was forced to close its operations there.

That such laws primarily hurt children, nearly 40 percent of whom are malnourished, doesn’t matter to Hindu nationalists. All that matters to them is building India into a Hindu state.

The growth of this ideology in both numbers and power are why, under the BJP, India has skyrocketed into the top ten of Open Door’s World Watch List. In other words, India has now joined religious persecutors such as North Korea and Iran, and even rank ahead of China and Saudi Arabia.

Since people who cannot leave their homes also cannot victimize their Christian neighbors, at least not as easily, Christians are the unlikely beneficiaries of COVID-19 lockdowns. At the same time, as we’ve seen already in China and other nations, governments like Modi’s rarely miss opportunities like this one to advance their agendas. And, of course, the lockdowns across India will eventually lift, and then attacks there will likely resume.

So, let’s keep our brothers and sisters in India, as well as the vulnerable members of other religious minority populations, in our prayers. They need it.

They also need us to pay attention, and then to advocate on their behalf with our leaders. The decline of religious freedom in one of the most populous nations in the world is something we must not ignore.


Religious freedom watchdog pitches adding India to blacklist

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Abortion Isn’t ‘Healthcare’

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Answering Pro-Death PR



Euphemisms for abortion abound: “a woman’s right to choose,” “reproductive freedom,” and “a private decision between a woman and her doctor.” The latest euphemism, one being increasingly used in political discourse, is “access to essential healthcare.”

Recently, a listener sent us Planned Parenthood’s latest fundraising letter. Between pleas to fund their organization and fight the Trump Administration, abortion was referred to as either “healthcare” or “care” a dizzying fifteen times.

The American Civil Liberties Union has also embraced the phrase, particularly on the signs they provide for their protesters, including at the Supreme Court. Also, in a recent blog post savaging the pro-life policies of the Trump Administration by the ACLU of Northern California, the author insisted “Abortion is basic healthcare” again and again.

It’s almost as if there was a pro-abortion PR meeting which was even attended by the two leading Democratic candidates for President.

Another listener recently wrote in to let us know that Doctors Without Borders, one of the largest non-government providers of aid to victims of conflict and famine around the world, is now openly pushing do-it-yourself abortions in their work around the world.

Alerted by a report from the Center for Family and Human Rights, this listener called Doctors Without Borders to find out if it was true. “Yes,” the representative said, abortion is part of the, you guessed it, “health care services” that Doctors without Borders provides in numerous countries.

I wonder how many of their donors know about the partnership Doctors without Borders established earlier this year with HowToUseAbortionPill.org, an online community whose purpose is to educate and encourage people to use chemical abortions around the world.

In an article explaining why they are so aggressively promoting chemical abortions worldwide, Doctors without Borders, slammed the Trump Administration’s Global Gag Rule and insisted that “Despite the stigma, abortion is a part of people’s lives and a key component of”—here it is again—“reproductive health care.”

Our listener isn’t the first person I’ve spoken with who’s pulled support from Doctors Without Borders. One alternative for anyone wishing to support a group that provides only actual healthcare and medical expertise is the Christian Medical and Dental Association, which currently has affiliates in over 60 countries.

Labeling abortion as “healthcare” subverts the very essence of medicine, and it uses words to dodge the reality of what abortion is and does.

If you find yourself in a conversation about this, needing to explain the problem with the “abortion is healthcare” euphemism, our latest “What Would You Say?” video is phenomenal. Featuring my colleague Brooke Boriack, the video explains three critical things to remember whenever someone calls abortion “healthcare.”

First, the purpose of healthcare is to heal and preserve life, not to end life. For centuries, doctors promised in the Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm.” Abortion fails that test. Unlike real healthcare, even including those procedures performed to save the life of the mother but that endanger the life of an unborn baby, elective abortion is the deliberate killing of an innocent human being. That’s not only wrong, it’s certainly not healthcare.

Second, pregnancy is not a disease to be cured. When a woman is pregnant, her body is working as intended. She’s not sick. Violently terminating pregnancy works against the body’s natural, healthy functioning. That’s not what healthcare does.

Finally, slapping the healthcare label on abortion not only obscures the meaning of the word “healthcare,” it obscures the meaning of the word “abortion.” Anyone wishing to defend abortion should be forced to defend what it is and should not be allowed to cloak the violence using buzzwords.

One step in making abortion illegal and unthinkable is unmasking the verbal tricks that obscure reality. It’s time to make abortion advocates tell the truth, and that begins with refusing to play the language game. Our latest “What Would You Say Video?” can help with that.


The Coronavirus, God, and a World out of Our Control

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The Coronavirus, God, and a World out of Our Control



The coronavirus has now spread to over 60 countries, with major outbreaks in China, South Korea, Northern Italy, and Iran. The global numbers are staggering: nearly 90,000 reported cases and over 3,000 deaths. As of Monday afternoon, there were over 90 confirmed cases of the virus in the United States, with six deaths. Of course, given the current pace of developments, these numbers are already out of date.

Naturally, people are alarmed, even frightened. Despite our recent bouts with Swine Flu and even Ebola, this one just feels different, partly because it’s obvious that scientists, reporters, and national leaders are learning on the fly with this one, partly because, at least in America, media pundits and presidential candidates are seizing the opportunity to point fingers and gain political advantage, and partly because social media is very, very good at spreading panic.

Panic, however, is almost always the wrong response. Though we know that the COVID-19 virus has spread to every inhabited continent and will soon earn the title “pandemic,” that word, as one public health expert told Bloomberg News, is too often used in movies as “a proxy for a deadly apocalyptic virus.” So, it can be misleading. Is COVID-19 serious? Absolutely. Unprecedented? Maybe. Apocalyptic? No.