Sunday Sermon Series – 04/30/2023

A Display of Christ – (Part VI) by John Flavel


Of the Authority by which Christ, as Mediator, Acted (A Display of Christ – Part VI)

‘For him hath God the Father sealed.‘ – John, 6:27.

This Scripture is a part of Christ’s excellent reply to an earthly-minded multitude, who followed him, not for any spiritual excellencies that they saw in him, or soul-advantages they expected by him, but for bread. Instead of making his service their meat and drink, they only served him that they might eat and drink. Self may creep into the best hearts and actions; but it only predominates in the hypocrite. These people had sought Christ from place to place, and having at last found him, they salute him with the question, ‘Rabbi, whence camest thou hither?’ verse 25. Christ’s reply is partly dissuasive, and partly directive. He dissuades them from putting the secondary and subordinate in the place of the principal and ultimate end; from preferring their bodies to their souls, their fleshly accommodations to the glory of God. ‘Labor not for the meat that perisheth:’ by which he does not take them off from their lawful labors and callings, but dissuades them from minding those things too intently; and from the odious sin of making religion but a pretense for sensual gratification. ‘But labor for that meat which endureth to eternal life:’ to get bread for your souls to live by eternally. And, that he might engage their diligence in seeking it to purpose, he shows them not only where they may have it,-‘which the Son of man shall give you,’-but also how they may be fully satisfied that he hath it for them, ‘For him hath God the Father sealed.’ In these words are three parts observable...


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