Sunday Sermon Series – 04/02/2023

A Display of Christ – (Part III) by John Flavel


The Covenant of Redemption Between the Father and the Redeemer (A Display of Christ – Part III)

In the fifty-third of Isaiah, the Gospel seems to be epitomized: the subject is the death of Christ, and the glorious issue thereof. By reading it, the eunuch of old, and many Jews since, have been converted to Christ. Christ is here considered absolutely, and relatively. Absolutely, and thus his innocency is clearly vindicated, verse 9. Though he suffered grievous things, yet it was not for his own sins; for ‘he had done no violence, neither was any deceit in his mouth.’ But, he is considered relatively, in the capacity of a Surety for us: thus the justice of God is fully vindicated in his sufferings, ‘The Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.’ Verse 6. How he came to sustain this capacity and relation of a Surety for us, is in these verses plainly asserted to be by his compact and agreement with his Father, before the worlds were made. Verses 10-12…


For all in the series cut and paste or type John Flavel Display of Christ in the search box upper right of the landing page.

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