Devotional Thought for Today – 02/06/2023

We continue our “Series in “Genesis



Chapter CONTEXT from MHCC: We have four things in the story of this chapter. I. A war with the king of Sodom and his allies (v. 1-11). II. The captivity of Lot in that war (v. 12). III. Abram’s rescue of Lot from that captivity, with the victory he obtained over the conquerors (v. 13-16). IV. Abram’s return from the expedition (v. 17), with an account of what passed, 1. Between him and the king of Salem (v. 18-20). 2. Between him and the king of Sodom (v. 21-24). So that here we have that promise to Abram in part fulfilled, that God would make his name great.

Genesis chapter 14 Simplified Outline
Ge 14:1-11.The battle of four kings against the king of Sodom and his allies
Ge 14:12-13.Lot is taken prisoner
Ge 14:14-16.Abram rescues him
Ge 14:17-20.Melchizedek blesses Abram at his return, who gives him tithes
Ge 14:21-24.The rest of the spoil, his partners having had their portions he restores to the king of Sodom


Here we have the first record of War (between men, see Isaiah 14:12-14; Revelation 12:3-4) recorded in the Bible. Four Kings led by Chedorlaomer king of Elam (v.1) decide to invade Canan from the north and eventually Sodom and Gomorrah are then completely looted and Lot, Abram’s nephew is taken captive. There is one key theological point I wish to point out in this chapter is that we must fight God-ordained battles. By that I mean all the things that God would have us do, all the ministries we would undertake, must be ordained of God.

Abram who must be 80-85 years old by this time, hears of the incident (v.13) and quickly arms 300+ servants (v.14) and marches off to recuse Lot. Maybe it is just me but I do not see many 80-year-olds fighting wars (I am 65 and my military days are far behind me) I find this amazing. Two things to note here: 1) Only God can provide the strength to carry out such a mission, 80 year old humans are not capable of getting up without notice, marching approx 250 miles, conducting combat operations, and then returning. 2) God will only strengthen a God-ordained mission. Folks often quote Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things…” WRONG! If God does not ordain, sanction, authorize, or call it what you may He is not going to provide you the means.

The second “proof” that God had sanctioned this was the fact that upon his return (v.17) he was greeted (presumably) as the conquering hero by all the kings defeated previously by Cherorlaomer. Jewish history tells us that Cherorlaomer and his coalition of thugs were greatly feared and had never been previously defeated. God surely had a hand in Abrams’s actions.

The final “proof” if needed that God ordain the actions of Abram comes in (v.19-20) when we are introduced to Melchizedek king of Salem who says (AMP): And Melchizedek blessed Abram and said, “Blessed (joyful, favored) be Abram by God Most High, Creator and Possessor of heaven and earth; 20 And blessed, praised, and glorified be God Most High, Who has given your enemies into your hand.” And Abram gave him a tenth of all [the treasure he had taken in battle].

One last note of Abram’s character we should note he is offered riches for his work, but declines. Why should not man be paid for his work (Romans 4:4)? Yes, but Abram compensated himself as he saw fit, having given his Ten Percent (10%) to Melchizedek, and insuring those with him were fairing paid. Notice in (v.23) what Abram warns against, the backbiting or jealousy of others. Those who take more than their due open themselves up to too much criticism.

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