Devotional Thought for Today – 01/26/2023

We continue our “Series in “Genesis



Chapter CONTEXT from MHCC: This chapter shows more particularly what was said in general (ch. 9:19), concerning the three sons of Noah, that “of them was the whole earth overspread;” and the fruit of that blessing (ch. 9:1, 7), “replenish the earth.” Is is the only certain account extant of the origin of nations; and yet perhaps there is no nation but that of the Jews that can be confident from which of these seventy fountains (for so many there are here) it derives its streams. Through the want of early records, the mixtures of people, the revolutions of nations, and distance of time, the knowledge of the lineal descent of the present inhabitants of the earth is lost; nor were any genealogies preserved but those of the Jews, for the sake of the Messiah, only in this chapter we have a brief account, I. Of the posterity of Japheth (v. 2-5). II. The posterity of Ham (v. 6-20), and in this particular notice is taken of Nimrod (v. 8-10). III. The posterity of Shem (v. 21, etc.).

Genesis chapter 10 Simplified Outline
Ge 10:1.The generations of Noah.
Ge 10:2-5.Japheth.
Ge 10:6-7.Ham.
Ge 10:8-20.Nimrod the first monarch, and the descendants of Canaan.
Ge 10:21-32.The sons of Shem.


Chapter 10 is commonly referred to as the “Table of Nations.” It is a summary of the generations of Noah, focusing on his three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth after the great flood. One of the more interesting facts about this chapter is how the genealogy of Noah is presented. In most instances we find it shown as lineage while here we see it presented as national boundaries. This is in keeping with the command from God set forth in the previous chapter; “of them was the whole earth overspread;” and the fruit of that blessing (9:1,7), “replenish the earth.”

Japheth’s people (v.2-5) are not written about in great detail. We know they prosper and seen to settle in the lands north of what will become the Promised Land of Israel.

The descendants of Ham (v.6-20) are key figures in the rest of the Bible. Ham’s descendants settled in Egypt. Ham’s grandson Nimrod (though Cush) forms the nations of Babylon and Assyria, both enemies of Israel. And the descendants of Ham’s son Canaan will eventually be (mostly) driven from the Promised Land by the Israelites.

The descendants of Shem’s line (v.21-31) will lead to Abraham and the nation of Israel.


Praying through Genesis 10:32

Heavenly Father, thank You for the many ways that Your Word is proven to be true and altogether reliable. Thank You for the many pieces of evidence that confirm Who You are, and thank You that Your Word is altogether reliable and true. I can do nothing but glorify Your holy name and offer my sacrifice of praise for Your wonderful offer of salvation, that comes through faith in the sacrificial death of our Lord Jesus Christ and His glorious resurrection from the dead. Thank You, Father, that by faith in Him, I have all my sins forgiven and will be raised into life immortal. Thank You, also, that there is no one in the human race that lies outside of Your gracious offer of salvation, and I pray that, even today, many souls would have their eyes open to the truth and trust in Jesus for their redemption. Praise Your holy name. AMEN.


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