Devotional Thought for Today – 01/25/2023

In the world of counseling when someone is twisting thoughts to justify their actions we call it “Stickin Thinin.” Technically anytime anyone has thoughts or does an action contrary to the law or acceptable moral practice they to, have exercised “Stickin Thinin.” Below are just a few examples of “Stickin Thinin”:

  • Resentment of others
  • Selfish inclinations
  • Bitterness about past actions
  • Blaming others
  • Feelings of superiority
  • Feeling of inferiority
  • Focusing on others’ faults
  • Extreme perspectives (or “black-and-white/all-or-nothing” thinking)
  • Being overly pessimistic
  • Focusing on negative motivators of actions

Right about now you may be thinking, but I am a Christian we do not have thoughts like this do we? Personally, I am convinced that nothing in the Holy Bible was written off-hand, in other words without specific intent. It was put there because God foreknew we would need the guidance of His word to get through some tough patches of life including times of “Stickin Thinin.” God left us the perfect antidote for this ailment:

Philippians 4

Chapter CONTEXT From John Gill – v.8 commentary:

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true,… To close all with respect to the duties of Christianity incumbent on the professors of it, the apostle exhorts to regard to everything that is true; that is agreeable to the Scriptures of truth, to the Gospel the word of truth, or to the law and light of nature; and whatever was really so, even among the very Heathens, in opposition to falsehood, lying, and hypocrisy

whatsoever things are honest; in the sight of men; or grave, or “venerable” in speech, in action or attire, in opposition to levity, frothiness, or foppery:

whatsoever things are just; between man and man, or with respect both to God and men; giving to God what belongs to him, and to man what is his due; studying to exercise a conscience void of offense to both, in opposition to all impiety, injustice, violence, and oppression:

whatsoever things are pure; or “chaste”, in words and deeds, in opposition to all filthiness and foolish talking, to obscene words and actions. The Vulgate Latin and Arabic versions render it, “whatsoever things are holy”; which are agreeable to the holy nature, law, and will of God, and which tend to promote holiness of heart and life:

whatsoever are lovely; which are amiable in themselves, and to be found even among mere mortal men, as in the young man whom Christ as man is said to love, Mark 10:21; and which serve to cultivate and increase love, friendship, and amity among men; and which things also are grateful to God and lovely in his sight, in opposition to all contention, strife, wrath, and hatred:

whatsoever things are of good report; are well spoken of, and tend to get and establish a good name, which is better than precious ointment, Ecclesiastes 7:1; for though a good name, credit, and reputation among men, are to be sacrificed for the sake of Christ when called for; yet care is to be taken to preserve them by doing things which may secure them, and cause professors of religion to be well reported of; and which beautiful in all, and absolutely necessary in some:

if there be any virtue; anywhere, among any persons whatever, in opposition to vice:

and if there be any praise; that is praiseworthy among men, and deserves commendation, even though in an unjust steward, Luke 16:8, it should be regarded. The Vulgate Latin adds, “of discipline”, without any authority from any copy. The Claromontane manuscript reads, “if any praise of knowledge”:

think about these things: meditate upon them, revolve them in your minds, seriously consider them, and reason with yourselves about them, in order to put them into practice.

As Christians, if we wish to avoid the ‘stinkin thinkin’ of this world (unbiblical worldviews) we must focus on the Word of God for that is the only thing guaranteed pure, lovely, of good report; virtueous, and worthy of praise.

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