Devotional Thought for Today – 11/08/2022


Chapter CONTEXT from MHCC: In this chapter we have, I. The law concerning Nazarites, 1. What it was to which the vow of a Nazarite obliged him (v. 1-8). 2. A remedial law in case a Nazarite happened to be polluted by the touch of a dead body (v. 9-12). 3. The solemnity of his discharge when his time was up (v. 13-21). II. Instructions given to the priests on how they should bless the people (v. 22, etc.).

Our text for today is probably the most widely known and used benediction in the Bible. In its simplest definition, Benediction is a blessing. Most church services end with a blessing or benediction from the pastor, deacon, or some other church leader upon the congregation. It is an honor and privilege (not to be taken lightly) for those who get to pray a divine blessing upon the saints as they prepare to leave the assembly.

There are many verses that can be used for benedictions. This list is the most comprehensive I found in my research. Does your congregation use any others?

IRC Devotional on Numbers 6:26

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