Devotional Thought for Today – 11/01/2022

Ephesians 5

For chapter, CONTEXT see the link to John Gill’s Introduction to Ephesians 5.

In v.18 the Apostle Paul under Divine Guidance from the Holy Spirit informs readers that they are to be controlled not by wine (worldly corruption) but be constantly filled with and guided by the Holy Spirit. The question one should then ask is how am I to do this? Paul provides the answer in our text for today:

  1. Speaking or Singing Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual (not necessarily formal) Songs.
  2. This is to be done corporately, a better rendering of the opening phrase is Speak to one another in
  3. This is to be done in our hearts
  4. This is always to be done to the Glory of the Lord God

The practice of singing Psalms is all but forgotten, considered a relic of a bygone era in church history. But should it be? God’s Holy Word clarifies that we should still be singing them today.

At my local church one of our Decons Seth, just taught an outstanding 12-part series on The Psalms of Ascent in Meter.

Here is the link to the files on Sermon Audio:

Here is the handout with the words:

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