Devotional Thought fro Today – 09/27/2022

John 16

Chapter CONTEXT From MHCC: Among other glorious things God hath spoken of himself this is one, I wound, and I heal, Deu. 32, 39. Christ’s discourse in this chapter, which continues and concludes his farewell sermon to his disciples, does so. I. Here are wounding words in the notice he gives them of the troubles that were before them (v. 1-6). II. Here are healing words in the comforts he administers to them for their support under those troubles, which are five:— 1. That he would send them the Comforter (v. 7-15). 2. That he would visit them again at his resurrection (v. 16-22). 3. That he would secure to them an answer of peace to all their prayers (v. 23-27). 4. That he was now but returning to his Father (v. 28-32). 5. That, whatever troubles they might meet with in this world, by virtue of his victory over it they should be sure of peace in him (v. 33).

Our text for today is a clear turning point in the relationship between Jesus and his disciples. Up until now, they have had no need to ask the Father for things in Jesus’ name (v24) but that is all about to change. So far Jesus has been speaking to them mainly in proverbs, but the time has come to speak the simple and plain truth. To this end, they are promised the Holy Spirit (v5-15). Only with the divine work of the Holy Spirit can a redeemed man be enlighted to the truths of God. The very fact that these disciples were often confused by the parables Jesus told makes clear the need for help from the Holy Spirit in true believers.

Lastly for those who say all I need is the Holy Spirit, John says in v.14 (AMP)  He will glorify and honor Me, because He (the Holy Spirit) will take from what is Mine and will disclose it to you. Note the greatest “role” of the Holy Spirit is to glorify Christ, and that should be our life’s mission as citizens of this world and the Kingdom of God.

Do you “know” Christ? Then you must have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

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