Devotional Thought for Today – 08/15/2022


CONTEXT: This chapter concludes with the letters Jesus instructed the apostle John to write to seven churches in Asia Minor. Those messages began in chapter 2. This passage ends the section of Revelation that describes the things that are (Revelation 1:19), meaning the things which existed in John’s lifetime. Chapter 1 describes what John had seen (Revelation 1:19), and chapter 4 begins John’s account of what would take place in the future (Revelation 1:19/4:1).1 Because of the depth of material here is the link to Mathew Henry’s Complete Commentary on this chapter.

V.14-22 Summary: Here we find the final message to the church at Laodicea. It is a complete rebuke with no commendation as in the church of Philadelphia. The church here had grown complacent with itself, boasting of its wealth and self-reliance. Its worldly state secures its spiritual state was a train wreck. The message is clear, turn from your self-indulgent ways to Christ as He opens His arms (door) to you.

Our text for today (v.19-20) becomes pretty clear when reading as the whole, Christ loves his people so much that He will chasten and rebuke (instruct through strong correction) all who are trying to walk between the kingdom of God and the world. For all who comply with the urging of the Holy Spirit (hear my voice) and truly repent; He the King of Kings, the Door to the Kingdom of Heaven, will open.


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