Devotional Thought for Today – 06/23/2022


I am sure you get tired of me saying it but CONTEXT is everything in Biblical Studies. Matthew Henry breaks down the chapter as follows: This chapter is a continuation of Christ’s discourse with his disciples after supper. When he had convicted and discarded Judas, he set himself to comfort the rest, who were full of sorrow upon what he had said of leaving them, and a great many good words and comfortable words he here speaks to them. The discourse in interlocutory; as Peter in the foregoing chapter, so Thomas, and Philip, and Jude, in this interposed their thoughts upon what he said, according to the liberty he was pleased to allow them. Free conferences are as instructive as solemn speeches, and more so. The general scope of this chapter is in the first verse; it is designed to keep trouble from their hearts; now in order to this they must believe: and let them consider, I. Heaven as their everlasting rest (v. 2, 3). II. Christ himself as their way (v. 4-11). III. The great power they shall be clothed with by the prevalency of their prayers (v. 12-14). IV. The coming of another comforter (v. 15-17). V. The fellowship and communion that should be between him and them after his departure (v. 18-24). VI. The instructions which the Holy Ghost should give them (v. 25, 26). VII. The peace Christ bequeathed to them (v. 27). VII. Christ’s own cheerfulness in his departure (v. 28-31). And this which he said to them is designed for the comfort of all his faithful followers.

Reading this verse without the accompanying verses; v.15 where Christ states If you Love me… and v.17, that clarifies the role of the Holy Spirit, ‘the truth bringer.’ The other stark contrast for “TRUE BELIEVERS” reading this should be that they alone are entitled to the indwelling Holy Spirit, whom the world cannot receive. That by way of application means they cannot know the truth, and are therefore subject the great deception by satan and his minions.

Do not wonder why the world is so corrupt and chaotic, wonder why God intervenes on humanity that disavows Him so emphatically at all. Thank God for His common or universal Grace.

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