“A Godly Perspective on End-of-Life Decisions”

COMMENT: When my mother died from a brain aneurysm/stroke resulting from a fall some 12 years ago the decision for her immediate end-of-life care was made easier due to the preparation she had taken. My mother had a STRICT DNR order, Do not Resuscitate, and the choice we had was to relive to a bulging blood clot in her brain hope she survived only to be a vegetable, or honor her wishes.

Prior to that incident however were a number of years of growing dementia, and other issues that my sister, a retired nurse stoically dealt with in caring for my mother daily. All in all, I think as a family we were better prepared than most for the End of Life Decisions. It was the Grief after that we were unprepared for. Please see our Comfort for the Grieving, Hurting, and Dying Series by searching in the box to the right.

Dealing with end-of-life decisions for a loved one is heartbreaking. But we want to give you Godly advice and guidance to make your difficult decisions a little easier. 

This free 7-part series called “A Godly Perspective on End-of-Life Decisions” will give you comfort, wisdom, and biblical truths that will help as you make these difficult decisions for a loved one. 

You’ll learn to discern whether life support will be helpful, or harmful. You’ll also learn the biblical principles on end-of-life care, what to consider when making medical decisions, and how to find God’s comfort when you need to say goodbye. 

Here is an outline of the episodes you’ll receive access to when you get your FREE video series:

  • Episode 1: The Warning Signs of Death
  • Episode 2: Making Tough Decisions
  • Episode 3: The Biblical Principles of End-of-Life Care
  • Episode 4: The Idolatry of Life
  • Episode 5: God’s Presence in the Medical Field
  • Episode 6: Finding God in Grief
  • Episode 7: Letting Go of Life

We hope these videos will guide you through the hardships that lie ahead.

Let us know where to send your free 7-part video series “A Godly Perspective on End of Life Decisions” now: CLICK HERE

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