Devotional Thought for Today – 04/25/2022

CONTEXT: This verse comes towards the end of Paul’s discussion of his work as a minister Colossians 1:24-29. Matthew Henry comments on these verses: Both the sufferings of the Head and of the members are called the sufferings of Christ, and makeup, as it were, one body of sufferings. But He suffered for the redemption of the church; we suffer on other accounts; for we do but slightly taste that cup of afflictions of which Christ first drank deeply. A Christian may be said to fill up that which remains of the sufferings of Christ, when he takes up his cross, and after the pattern of Christ, bears patiently the afflictions God allots to him. Let us be thankful that God has made known to us mysteries hidden from ages and generations, and has showed the riches of his glory among us. As Christ is preached among us, let us seriously inquire, whether he dwells and reigns in us; for this alone can warrant our assured hope of his glory. We must be faithful to death, through all trials, that we may receive the crown of life, and obtain the end of our faith, the salvation of our souls.

Our text for today has specif instructions (or at least it should) for those who would preach the Gospel. Let me try and break it down:

Whom we preach,The WHO question, preachers are to preach Christ, no one or nothing else has priority above Christ.

warning every man, – The WHAT question, preaching is not only about the Love of God, but it is also about the Whole Council of God, including His wrath. Man must be warned of the consequences of their sin.

and teaching every man The WHEN question, anytime we preach it is not about a bunch of words strung together calling it a sermon and a day. Preaching MUST, glorify God and edify (build up and teach) the body of believers.

in all wisdom; that The WHERE question, All men are charged to share the Gospel, via the Great Commission, only some are called by God to be preachers. I do not care how many Ph.D.’s you have (though the Biblical requirement to study and be approved exists in 2 Timothy 2:14-19) wisdom here is only revealed by God. Nothing natural man brings to the table, so to speak is worthy or acceptable.

we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus: Paul here answers the WHY question. The reason to preach in this manner is so man, that is those hearing the unblemished Word of God preached may be perfected (here meaning saved or for those saved sanctified) in Christ Jesus.

Why else preach, to make folks feel good? To have a great experience? Show me that in scripture, NOT! The feel-good watered down modern ecumenical churches in America today is an abomination before the Lord, 2 Timothy 4:2-4, houses of pretenders.

If your pastor, elder, or preacher is focused on messages that do not follow this Biblical teaching maybe it is time you asked the Holy Spirit for guidance to a new church.

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