The Book of Exodus

The First Five Books of the Bible are known as the Pentateuch via ecclesiastical Latin from ecclesiastical Greek pentateukhos, from penta- ‘five’ + teukhos ‘implement, book’. Or simply as the Law. Many avoid reading them and including most modern preachers from the pulpit. Yet like all things that need to be built upon a SOILD FOUNDATION (See Luke 6:47-49), these books give us the foundation footing for Christianity. Yes, I know the Bible clearly does not state that it in itself is a or the foundation of Christianity, nor am I making that claim. I am, however, stating what I believe is obvious it is a part of that foundation. Referring specifically to the Pentateuch, It points to God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, Mankind, Sin, Angels, Salvation, And so much more all key tenants of the Christian Faith. The following article highlights the Book of Exodus and Biblical Literacy.

Why should Biblical literacy matter today? What happens to society when people fear public opinion more than God? Joining Michael Knowles in this episode of The Book Club is the author of the best-selling Bible commentary in America, Dennis Prager. They discuss the enduring relevance of the Book of Exodus, history’s most powerful story of slave liberation—and moral direction from God.

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