The Ministry of Music Ministry

If we thought the worship wars were over, we were wrong. Music in the church has rightfully become an ongoing conversation with an ever-changing landscape. With a plethora of discussions already had, whether it be on fog machines and strobe lights, hymnals, and projected lyrics, traditional versus modern instrumentation, undoubtedly the task of defending the purity of worship in God’s church remains. Whether it’s the proper role of musical worship in the corporate gathering or whose songs we should and shouldn’t sing, there is necessary ground to defend. While we rightfully wage war against all that is heretical, attractional, and profane about music in the church today, there are basic priorities to which music ministries must return, perhaps abandoned in the skirmishes that have diverted our attention. Here are three principles to reorient our focus and priorities back on the local church ministry that happens in the context of music ministry: 


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