Why Preachers Should Avoid Using The Phrase “God Told Me…”

As the title suggests this blog is directed at Preachers/Teachers but I believe it is applicable to all. While I do not doubt that God through the Holy Spirit speaks to folks even today, this phrase has become a catch-all for those who do anything in the name of God without the blessing of God or the backing of scripture.


Expository Preaching: Sermons, Thoughts, and Resources of Todd Linn

Posted by Todd Linn, PhD on April 8, 2022

Many utter the phrase “God told me” or “God said to me” without thinking twice about how listeners hear those words. Most preachers and teachers use the phrase to mean God made clear to them how to live in light of a particular situation. But a phrase we understand clearly does not necessarily mean our listeners will understand it accurately. At the risk of sounding pharisaical, I’d like to suggest four reasons preachers should avoid using this phrase:


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