Devotional Thought for Today – 04/05/2022

Genesis 37-50

Joseph’s Story is full of very interesting characters and story plots. Behind it, all is the overarching theme of God’s Sovereignty; Genesis 50:20, but one is remiss if we depend on that as the only verse upon which to hang the sovereign banner.

  • Gen 37: Joseph’s Dream
  • Gen 37: The Plot against Joseph
  • Gen 38: Judah and Tamar
  • Gen 39: Joseph’s Success in Egypt
  • Gen 39: Joseph Imprisoned
  • Gen 40: Joseph Interprets a Dream
  • Gen 41: Pharaoh’s Dream
  • Gen 41: Joseph Interprets Pharaoh’s Dream
  • Gen 41: Joseph Is Made a Ruler of Egypt
  • Gen 42: Joseph’s Brothers Sent to Egypt
  • Gen 42: Joseph speaks with his brothers
  • Gen 42: The Brothers The Return to Canaan
  • Gen 43: Jacob sends his sons to Egypt again
  • Gen 43: Joseph Sees Benjamin
  • Gen 44: Joseph’s plot against his brothers
  • Gen 45: Joseph Shows Kindness to His Brothers (Reveals Himself)
  • Gen 46: Jacob Moves to Egypt
  • Gen 46: Many move to Egypt
  • Gen 47: Jacob’s Family Settles in Goshen
  • Gen 47: Result of the Famine
  • Gen 48: Jacob blesses Joseph’s sons
  • Gen 49: Jacob blesses his sons
  • Gen 50: Joseph buries his father
  • Gen 50: Joseph’s promise to his brothers
  • Gen 50: Joseph Dies

If one looks at all these sections of scripture individually we see God at work (sovereignty) in each. Whether it is God at work insuring Joseph is not killed by his brothers, but sold to the correct people for future use, or while in prison on false charges being in the correct place to interpret a dream, to finally being a ruler of Egypt when famine strikes so all nations must come to him for reconciliation (sound familiar) . This is truly a great story of redemption told through history and collectively we get that final theme of sovereignty found in 50:20 …ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass,…

Question how would or do you react to a bad relationship with others? When someone does you wrong are you a Joseph or something else?

A beautiful conclusion to the first book of the Bible, the story of Joseph resolves many of the questions posed throughout Genesis, including How does a rupture in our relationship to God affect how we treat our fellow man? What role, then, does repentance play in reconciling man to God and to others? And, how might forgiveness put an end to the cycle of violence between human beings?  

In this Highlight from Hillsdale College’s free online course, “The Genesis Story: Reading Biblical Narratives,” Dr. Justin Jackson explains how the heart of the story of Joseph is about reconciliation and penance—very timely themes as we approach Easter. Dr. Jackson’s insights into the eternal questions of Genesis will reward your attention and reflection: I encourage you to start studying them today.

You can watch a short video in which Dr. Jackson examines the opening episodes of the Joseph story and his path towards reconciliation with his brothers by clicking on the image below: 


PS: You can enroll in the full online course for free by clicking on this secure link: 

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