Devotional Thought for Today – 03/24/2022


Isaiah 6

CONTEXT: Hitherto, it should seem, Isaiah had prophesied as a candidate, having only a virtual and tacit commission; but here we have him (if I may so speak) solemnly ordained and set apart to the prophetic office by a more express or explicit commission, as his work grew more upon his hands: or perhaps, having seen little success of his ministry, he began to think of giving it up; and therefore God saw fit to renew his commission here in this chapter, in such a manner as might excite and encourage his zeal and industry in the execution of it, though he seemed to labor in vain. In this chapter we have, I. A very awful vision which Isaiah saw of the glory of God (v. 1-4), the terror it put him into (v. 5), and the relief given him against that terror by an assurance of the pardon of his sins (v. 6, 7). II. A very awful commission which Isaiah received to go as a prophet, in God’s name (v. 8), by his preaching to harden the impenitent in sin and ripen them for ruin (v. 9-12) yet with a reservation of mercy for a remnant, (v. 13). And it was as to an evangelical prophet that these things were shown him and said to him.

Very few people have ever seen the Glory of God in any manner. Moses did on Sinai, the Jewish people from afar at the same time and here we have the story of Isaiah in a vision ( likely a dream)  sees seraphim calling out the “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of hosts; The whole earth is filled with His glory.”

Some will claim if only God would show me…, like so many others they are doubters and demand of God to prove He is God. How foolish, God has provided all the proof needed, READ THE BOOK!

Mankind will always play the blame game and try to make up some excuse for their actions or inactions, but the bible is clear man will be without excuse when judgment comes Romans 1:18-2:1. Pray for lost souls.

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