Sunday Semon Series – 03/20/2022


CONTEXT: Matthew Henry breaks down 1 Peter 2, as follows:

The general exhortation to holiness is continued, and enforced by several reasons taken from the foundation on which Christians are built, Jesus Christ, and from their spiritual blessings and privileges in him. The means of obtaining it, the word of God, is recommended, and all contrary qualities are condemned (v. 1-12). Particular directions are given how subjects ought to obey the magistrates, and servants their masters, patiently suffering in well doing, in imitation of Christ (v. 13 to the end).

Verses 1-3

The holy apostle has been recommending mutual charity, and setting forth the excellences of the word of God, calling it an incorruptible seed, and saying that it liveth and abideth forever. He pursues his discourse, and very properly comes in with this necessary advice, Wherefore laying aside all malice, etc. These are such sins as both destroy charity and hinder the efficacy of the word, and consequently, they prevent our regeneration. […]

Christians are compared to “new-born babes,” who naturally thirst for the pure milk of the word, that they may grow thereby. Their growth depends very much on their increase in knowledge; the word of God, therefore, is the means of the believer’s advancement in the divine life. By the Spirit of Christ the word is made effectual; and Christ himself is the sum and substance of the word. 

 Archibald Alexander


A Sermon for Men of Taste

Charles Haddon Spurgeon / July 6, 1862

Scripture: 1 Peter 2:1-3 / From: Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 8

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