What Senators Should Ask Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee

The mystery: President Joe Biden nominated U.S. Circuit Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, but who exactly is she, and what is her judicial philosophy?

What we know: Jackson’s previous rulings and comments offer some insights. We know, for instance, that she’s a favorite of leftist special interest groups. But senators will need to find out a lot more about her during the confirmation hearing.

Which threads to pull: Heritage experts have identified exactly which questions senators should ask to reveal if she’s qualified to serve as a Supreme Court justice.

Why it’s important to ask: Leftists have already made accusations of racism against conservatives, but as we point out, the left has a long track record of opposing black and Hispanic judicial nominees.

Learn more: Check out the list of Jackson confirmation questions here.

Jackson’s reversal rate will be under fire at her SCOTUS confirmation hearing 

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