PRO-LIFE NEWS – Various Sources – 12/07/21

If you did not know, NARAL or National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League, who have been fighting for “reproductive freedoms” since 1969, has a new mission statement called Road Map to Equity. In it I found the following statement: White supremacy and racism have for too long stood in the way of achieving reproductive freedom and ensuring access to abortion care for every body. So according to them, only oppressive white folk, have fought against abortions and reproductive rights, never in history has any minority. The lies of CRT, continue.

Roe Was Written to Be Overturned. And That Day Has Arrived

Matthew McConaughey Oddly Claims Restricting Abortion, Not Abortion Itself, is ‘Playing God’

Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Killing Preborn Child

Research Says Americans Are the Most Unhappy Parents in the World, but Why?

Baby Girl Born at 25 Weeks Almost Ready to Join Twin Brother at Home

Dobbs Forces SCOTUS To Reckon With Decades Of Bad Abortion Decisions

Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch Says Even Ruth Bader Ginsburg Had Problems With Roe

Justice Amy Coney Barrett Destroys Pro-Abortion Argument That Abortion Bans Force Women to be Pregnant

A Majority of Americans are Pro-Life and We’re Ready to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Reversing Roe

Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization raises first principle questions that Roe and Casey avoided

Woman rejects abortion after seeing pro-life sign: ‘This is a sign to me that I’ve got to keep my baby’

PRO-LIFE SHOCK: Univision Airs Anchor Recognition of Humanity and Sentience of the Preborn

Confused and inaccurate, all in all a bad day for Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor

Injustice need not be forever

The “decades of political organizing by abortion opponents” paying rich dividends for unborn children

Pro-abortionists elevate free association attacks to an art form

“Instead of prioritizing the abortion industry, we as a Nation should be focused on prioritizing the sanctity of human life”

“How sad and tragic that Planned Parenthood and the chemical abortion industry have targeted and deceived young women for their own profit”

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren Want to End Filibuster to Pass Bill Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth Nationwide

Doctor: There is No Doubt That Unborn Children are Alive and Human Beings From Conception

The woman who could bring down Roe v. Wade

Better dead than adopted, argues New York Times opinion writer

MSNBC: Pro-Life Americans are Racist “White Supremacists” Who Hate Women

Mike Pence: Roe v. Wade Will be Overturned and Babies Will be Protected From Abortions

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves: If Roe v. Wade is Overturned, We Will Ban Abortions

Faith-based adoption agencies finally find some allies in Senate

America’s current abortion stance is against the global norm

Wait Management: Days of Dobbs Prayer Ahead

FRC in the States: Preparing for a Post-Roe World

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