I’m done with ‘good intentions’

Like this author, at one time in my youth I too believed that liberal policies were the best way to help the poor and needy. But I too quickly found out it is only a trap to bring them down and keep them there.

Not all Democrats are completely lost to “Leftist Ideology” that is quickly destroying the Morals and Values America was founded upon. So too, there are Republicans in name only who also fail short in securing the Constitutional guarantees and intent of our forefathers.

Robert Knight | Nov 16, 2021

I'm done with 'good intentions'
Conservative pundits need to stop accusing Joe Biden and company of “incompetence.” This is all by design – and these folks are playing for keeps.

I used to chalk up liberal policy failures to good intentions gone awry.

Having embraced liberalism in college, I thought it was the best way to help poor people. But as evidence mounted that it actually hurt them, I had to reassess. A lot of people also do that after taxes shred their paychecks, and especially if they marry and have children.

This is one reason Democrats have been reflexively hostile to marriage, using the courts to redefine it. They are also open to lowering the voting age even further, say, to 16. That’s before many of these kids are able to see through the kleptocrats’ false promises of socialist utopia…

SOURCE: I’m done with ‘good intentions’

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