Buster Posey Retires

As many of you know outside of Premier League Football, (Go Arsenal) I have not watched professional sports since the Kaepernick incident. The complicity of pro-teams in the ever-growing progressive movement has no room in sports. Through all this controversy these past few years there have been some bright moments (people) and Buster Posey is one such individual.

Last week, at 34-years-old, baseball great Buster Posey retired. Drafted by the San Francisco Giants, he went on to help win three World Series. Retiring means leaving a $22 million paycheck on the table, and likely a multi-million-dollar extension to keep him in the Bay area for the rest of his career. Instead, the future Hall of Famer has exchanged his cleats and catcher’s mitt for bibs, high chairs, two sets of twins, and family life.

Many have noted Posey’s healthy perspective on the game, which Posey credits to, among other things, Bible studies and chapel services. Because his identity is found in something bigger than his sport, he’s been able to battle through hitting slumps, poor play, and injury. For example, in the press conference announcing his retirement, Posey talked about how his love of baseball came from his family…

SOURCE: Buster Posey Retires

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