“Whatever strikes at the root of Christianity, tends manifestly to the dissolution of civil government”

American Minute with Bill Federer

For those who may not read these our posts regularly, I will repeat our contention that America is not a Christian Nation nor was it founded as such. HOWEVER, there can be no doubt it was founded upon Judeo-Christian principles.

Likewise Christians are commanded to be obedient to civil government (see our 11 part series beginning here: Sunday’s Sermon Series – Civil Government: Part I ) as long as that government uses it’s limited authority in a way that does not break God’s law. Whenever that happens we have a problem.

Chief Justice James Kent explained in People v. Ruggles, 1811, what made OATHS effective:”

In Taylor’s case … the court … said, that Christianity was parcel of the law, and to cast contumelious reproaches upon it, tended to weaken the foundation of moral obligation, and the efficacy (effectiveness) of OATHS.”

SOURCE: “Whatever strikes at the root of Christianity…

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