Devotional Thought for Today – 09/22/21

Genesis 1:1 Inspirational Image


CONTEXT: Creation, Sovereignty of God in Creation and as Creator, and God worthiness to be praised are all themes in Chapter 1. Matthew Henry breaks it down as follows: We have three things in this chapter:—I. A general idea given us of the work of creation (v. 1, 2). II. A particular account of the several days’ work, registered, as in a journal, distinctly and in order. The creation of the light the first day (v. 3-5); of the firmament the second day (v. 6-8); of the sea, the earth, and its fruits, the third day (v. 9-13); of the lights of heaven the fourth day (v. 14-19); of the fish and fowl the fifth day (v. 20-23); of the beasts (v. 24, 25); of man (v. 26-28); and of food for both the sixth day (v. 29, 30). III. The review and approbation of the whole work (v. 31).

For as long as I can remember the debate of whether or not the earth is “old or new” has been going on. Traditionally Christians ALWAYS took the Biblical position of new earth, that is 4-10 thousand years old. Yet in recent years more and more “Christians” seem willing to COMPROMISE and take the position of an old or older earth.

Here are two thought to consider.

Ken Ham Creation Quote - Evolution - Millions of Years Destroys the Gospel
Exodus 20:11 - God Created In Six Days, A Young Earth and Universe Is Revealed In the Bible, Which Refutes Evolution - Creation Quote

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