Survey finds most Americans do not have…

Those who have been reading these posts for any length of time know that I regularly stress the importance of having a proper Biblical Worldview. Back in an August post I wrote: I would seem impossible to call oneself a “Christian” with out having a right Biblical Worldview yet millions worldwide (and especially in the western world) do just that. This article and its resources confirm that.


Did you know that 81 percent of those who regularly attend an evangelical church think they have a biblical worldview, but, in reality, only 21 percent do so? This paints a sobering picture of American religious life. Many aren’t hearing the truth, and we need to change that.

new national survey from Family Research Council’s Center for Biblical Worldview (CBW) reveals that the majority of Americans think they have a biblical worldview, but a look beneath the surface reveals otherwise. According to George Barna, FRC’s Senior Research Fellow for the Center for Biblical Worldview, a worldview is the intellectual, moral, emotional and spiritual filter through which a person sees and responds to the world. And, as this survey reveals, many see the world through a lens other than the Bible.

This is not only true amongst evangelical churchgoers, but also the general American population. Out of American adults, 51 percent claim to have a biblical worldview. However, research indicates that just six percent of the adult population actually has a biblical worldview. These findings are troubling and show how much work remains to be done in our churches, let alone the broader culture.

Other findings of the CBW survey include:

  • 80 percent of born-again Christians claim to have a biblical worldview, but only 19 percent have one.
  • 74 percent of conservatives claim to have a biblical worldview, but only 16 percent do.
  • 44 percent of millennials claim a biblical worldview; only 4 percent have one.

Clearly, there is a gap between perception and reality for most Americans. There are massive inconsistencies between what American adults believe and what the Bible teaches. These results underscore the urgent need for the Center for Biblical Worldview.

The CBW seeks to help Christians defend and advance the faith in their families, communities, and the public square by providing biblically-based resources intended to help reverse the trend of biblical illiteracy.

To view these resources, please visit our website, which contains all the latest articles, interviews, and publications from the CBW. And check out our Biblical Worldview Series, a series of booklets that apply the Bible and the historical teachings of the church to a wide range of relevant issues–including voting, religious liberty, abortion, marriage, and sexuality.

In Christ,

David Closson
Director of the Center for Biblical Worldview

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