Devotional Thought for Today – 08/25/21

Teach Us To Number Our Days (2020) - Common Thread Church


CONTEXT: C.H. Spurgeon in his timeless work, Treasury of David breaks it down as follows: Moses sings of the frailty of man, and the shortness of life, contrasting therewith the eternity of God, and founding thereon earnest appeals for compassion. The only division which will be useful separates the contemplation Ps 90:1-11 from the Ps 90:12-17 there is indeed no need to make even this break, for the unity is well preserved throughout.

Today I want to look at one specific verse (v.12) in Psalm 90, that says “teach us to number our days…” As you know this is proof that the Bible is full of errors, or at least that is what someone claimed to me recently. Their argument, which started out soundly began with the Bible does not endorse numerology, to which I agreed. From there it was down hill for their whole argument hinged on that fact and God saying “teach us to number our days” but no more. Of course anyone who is any kind of student never mind a scholar would read the rest of the story (CONTEXT). Here there are two dissuading arguments against theirs.

First let us look at Biblical Numerology. It is pretty hard to read through the Bible and not see a pattern of numbers repeated. Severn (7) and (40) being the two most common. The study of these as they relate to Biblical Context, is what Biblical Numerology is all about. Unfortunately some have tried, Deuteronomy and Leviticus warned used this to sort out everyday life.

Secondly v.12, itself MUST be read in full (along with the surround text) to get the true meaning of numbering our days. Here the CBS version renders it: Teach us to number our days carefully so that we may develop wisdom in our hearts. Why would God have us to number our days, so we can figure out the winning LOTTO numbers 😋. Of course no, He wants us to develop hearts full of wisdom.

Apply our hearts unto wisdom. Sir Thomas Smith, secretary to Queen Elizabeth, some months before his death said, That it was a great pity men know not to what end they were born into this world, until they were ready to go out of it.

—Charles Bradbury

Apply our hearts unto wisdom. St. Austin says, “We can never do that, except we number every day as our last day.” Many put far the evil day. They refuse to leave the earth, when the earth is about to take its leave of them.

—William Secker

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