Divine Compassion

Here is a lengthy series from John Macarthur’s Grace to You Ministry blog, on Divine Compassion.

Since there are 28 separate entries I suggest you read one a day for 4 weeks. Let me know which one resonated the most with you and I will respond in kind.

The God Who Understands

Boldly Approaching the Throne

The Perfect High Priest

Christ’s Necessary Humanity

Christ’s Sympathy for His People

Can an Unchanging God Be Compassionate?

Godly Compassion for Hurting People

The Ultimate Expression of Divine Compassion

Christ’s Command to Be Compassionate

John MacArthur on Compassion and Evangelism

The God Who Loves

The God Who Saves

The God Who Cares

The God Who Redeems

Facing the Music

The Hard Road Home

Surprised by Compassion

The First Move in Forgiveness

Grace That Really Is Amazing

God’s Eagerness to Forgive

The Only Means of Atonement

Made Right with God

Shocked by God’s Kindness

God Gives Us Everything

Full Membership in God’s Family

God’s Extravagant Grace

An Extraordinary Celebration

A Picture of Heaven’s Joy

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