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This World is not our Home Series

Morality Damns

The Hopelessness of Hope and Change

Don’t Love What God Hates

A Heavenly Worldview

No Place Like Home

When Eternity Is More Important

Hearts in Heaven

In the World, But Not of It Series

The Friction of Faith

The Campaign of Persecution

Inviting Persecution

The Gospel in a Hostile World

Separation, Purity, and Thanksgiving

John MacArthur on Loving One Another in the Midst of Persecution

Separation and Purity

Separation, Purity, and Christmas

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Kicking at God’s Restraints

The Pathology of a Doomed Culture

The Futility of Political Change

How to Live in a Pagan Culture

This World Is Not Our Home

The Impotence of the False Church


Giving Thanks

Even with  COVID,  Political and Financial uncertainties, we all have much to be grateful for this year.  Maybe, just maybe if we spent more time thinking on that instead of our woes we would be in a better place? 

From all of us at FSM and FSMWO Happy Thanksgiving. 

Remembering All His Benefits

This message was originally preached on September 30, 2018.

It was 1519 in Leipzig, Germany, two centuries before Johann Sebastian Bach came to that city, became the music director in the church there, and wrote new music for every Sunday – a body of work which all of us have come to know and love. But about two centuries before Bach in Leipzig, a powerful force had been unleashed in Germany and all across Europe in the form of Martin Luther. Martin Luther was a Catholic monk, a very powerful personality, a very powerful figure and very capable teacher. He had posted his 95 Theses on the door of the church in Wittenberg, Germany – 95 theses, 95 issues that he felt needed to be addressed and corrected in the Roman Catholic Church

Source: Remembering All His Benefits

Grace to You Series – Why Evil Flourishes

This 3 part series, first published in January of 2017, answers many of the common questions—asked today by believers and unbelievers alike—about why evil flourishes in this world while God remains sovereign over it. -ed.

The Problem of Evil

The Truth About Evil

For His Glory and Our Good


“Grace to You Blog Series – God’s Wrath”

We all know God, or better put, the bible makes it abundantly clear  is that God is LOVE. Yet just as any parent becomes angry with their children’s constant misbehaving so too a Holy God does with His rebellious creation. Yet far to many if not most “preachers” avoid even mentioning God’s wrath. 

I am here to tell you it was both the Love of God and the Wrath of God that finally brought me to true conversion. I cried for the Love of someone who would willingly go to the cross for me; and I cried in fear of my own condemnation if I denied that cross and had to spend eternity in Hell. 

Here is an 9 Part series entitled “Grace to You Blog Series – God’s Wrath”

I pray they bless you greatly. – Mike


The Inconvenient Truth About God

The Reality of God’s Wrath

The Necessity of God’s Wrath

The Revelation of God’s Wrath

The Uniqueness of God’s Wrath

The Timing of God’s Wrath

The Source of God’s Wrath

The Fullness of God’s Wrath

The Good News About God’s Wrath


Grace to You Series – Loving the Local Church

Loving the Local Church

The following 3 articles are from G2Y “Loving the Local Church” series; I hope they are a blessing to you. 

Grace to You Is Not Your Cyber-Church

Grace to You is a Supplement, Not a Substitute

7 Qualities to Look for in a Church

Plus enjoy this related sermon: 

Friday’s Featured Sermon: “Why I Love the Church”

Grace to You Series – The Truth About Man

First, the Bad News

The following 10 articles are from G2Y “Truth About Man” series; I hope they are a blessing to you. 

First, the Bad News

The Universal Guilty Verdict

Man’s Enduring Guilt

The Arraignment of Mankind

The Indictment of Mankind

Sin’s Corruption of Our Character

Why No Man Seeks After God

Sin’s Corruption of Our Conversation

Sin’s Corruption of Our Conduct

Sin’s Corruption of Our Conversation



Here is a 5 part series from GTY on the Holiness of God. Note they are listed in reverse order from which they were published

One Race, One Remedy


While this short series was first published over a year ago, we believe it could not be more timely. As worldly, corrupting influences seep into the church, we trust that these vital truths will help...

Source: One Race, One Remedy


The New Segregation


Grace to You; Series on Contentment

The following 11 articles are from G2Y series on Contentment I hope them are a blessing to you. 


Profiles In Godliness

Here is Grace to You’s Three Part Series entitled Profiles In Godliness by John MacArthur. Originally run 6 years ago, Pastor John uses Joseph as a biblical example of a Godly man and how we can live a Godly life in troubling time. 

Joseph: God's Sovereignty in Our Trials
Joseph: God’s Sovereignty in Our Trials


Joseph: The Precision of God's Sovereignty

Joseph: The Precision of God’s Sovereignty


Joseph: His Role in a Bigger Story

Joseph: His Role in a Bigger Story