Devotional Thought for Today – 02/10/2021

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Romans 13

As you have seen me write for years CONTEXT is everything and our text for today is no exception.  Romans 13 begins with Paul telling the reader that all civil authority is appointed by God and to resist them is to resist God v.1-2.

 We should submit to human government because they are God-appointed and it is the right thing to do. We must honor them with their due (respect, taxes, etc.) v.3-7. Note Paul does not, and neither will I here,  address something he encountered and many if not all of us have faced in our own lives, corrupt or at least un-Godly governments. 

What I wish to address today is the misapplication of v.8.  Some have built an entire doctrine around this one phrase, Owe no man anything…  If in context Paul had gone on to say do not be indebted to man for anything, or do not take out loans or something but NOWHERE is that even suggested in the bible.  Folks, maybe you are just better or richer than me but I have loans. My goal the biblical mandate is to be a Faithful Steward of all God has given. 

What Paul is saying is do not forfeit any debt, that any and all debts should be paid on time and the greatest debt we owe is to love one another just as Jesus loved us. In doing so we fulfill the law for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law. 

Today’s Prayer:

Heavenly Father, thank you for all which you have created and entrusted to our care as stewards. In our personal finances, Lord, give us the wisdom to manage money wisely as Faithful Stewards and to practice heartfelt generosity. As we live each day, help us to love one another as you command thereby fulfilling your law through Christ Jesus our Lord. – Amen


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