Devotional Thought for Today – 11/23/2020

How Do I Strike Back at Betrayal? | Christian Questions Bible Podcast


Betrayal or Broken Trust

CONTEXT: In this individual lament psalm, the psalmist is not simply afflicted by enemies—he has been betrayed by a close friend. He begins by asking God to hear him and deliver him from his enemies (v. 1–3). He then describes his inner anguish and expresses a desire to flee (v. 4–8). He prays for justice as he asks God to destroy his enemies (v. 9–11). The psalmist then explains that he suffers because of a close friend (v. 12–14). He continues his call for justice (v. 15), confident that God will hear him and redeem him (v. 16–19). He describes the betrayal by his friend (v. 20–21). Finally, he encourages everyone to cast their burdens on Yahweh (v. 22) and expresses confidence that God will destroy his enemies (v. 23). Faithlife Study Bible 

The Betrayal: v. 1-14 For it is not an enemy who taunts me— Then I could bear it; Nor is it one who has hated me who insolently exalts himself against me—
Then I could hide from him. 13  But it is you, a man my equal and my counsel,
My companion and my familiar friend; 14 We who had sweet [b]fellowship together, Who walked to the house of God in company. 

– at some point in our lives everyone will be betrayed! Maybe not stabbed in the back like David here or as Jesus was by Judas but you can bank on it happening. Hopefully the worst experience will someone promising to do something for you and failing to follow through.  Yet far to common today is adultery, embezzlement, and even murder. 

What do we do when a close friend a co-worker, a relative greatly disappoints or “stabs us in the back?”  Do we seek retribution, take matters into our own hands? David had the answer:

Solution: v.21-22 Cast your burden on the Lord [release it] and He will sustain and uphold you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken (slip, fall, fail). 23  But You, O God, will bring down the wicked to the pit of destruction;
Men of blood and treachery will not live out half their days. But I will [boldly and unwaveringly] trust in You. 

– Our human nature demands that we get pay back for any ill we perceive against us. God says cast all those feelings of anguish (burdens) upon me and I will deal with them. The Word of God tells us to  Never repay evil with evil,  for good reason, we destroy our testimony before the nations. Besides do we think God is so small He can’t handle our individual problems? 

Maybe you are feeling betrayed today, I pray you will cast your burdens upon the Lord that He may lift you up and sustain you through this troubled time. If you are someone who has betrayed another, I pray first you repent and ask God’s forgiveness, second if possible do the same with the one you have offended and lastly cast your burden also upon the Lord asking that He may restore a right Spirit in you. 


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