Hypocrisy on the Hill: Pence’s rule ‘ridiculous,’ says Kamala

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March 20, 2019 by directorfsm

Mike and Karen Pence waving

I posted this not to be political commentary as much as a comment on Godly living. Kudos to Vice President Mike Pence. – Mike

A firebrand Democratic senator is tearing into Vice President Mike Pence because he takes safeguards to protect himself and his marriage.

One of the unwritten rules in the 2020 campaign is that a Democrat is not allowed to say anything nice about a Republican – especially one as closely connected to Donald Trump as Vice President Mike Pence. Presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris (D-California) did her part last week when she told MSNBC she did not approve of Pence following the so-called “Billy Graham Rule,” where he will not meet with a woman alone:

Harris: “I think that’s ridiculous. The idea that you would deny a professional woman the opportunity to have a meeting with the vice president of the United States is outrageous.”

Those who know the vice president, like presidential advisor Dr. Robert Jeffress, say Pence’s rules are not meant to disrespect anyone – but rather, to show women respect.

“I believe he is sincerely doing what he believes is the right thing,” Jeffress tells OneNewsNow. “And quite frankly, if more people would adopt his view we wouldn’t have the rampant problem with immorality that we seem to have in our country right now.”

As the Southern Baptist pastor explains, Pence’s self-imposed rules don’t even keep the vice president from meeting with women.


“My understanding is the vice president and Billy Graham and others who have adopted this view don’t refuse to meet with women, they just refuse to meet with women alone,” he shares. “There’s nothing wrong with having somebody else present in the room.”

Jeffress also finds it strange that a woman like Kamala Harris, who has given so much support to the #MeToo movement, would find fault with Pence’s actions.

“I think it’s the height of hypocrisy for Kamala Harris to rightly decry the abuse of women by men in power – then also criticize any positive action to stop that kind of abuse,” he offers.

It was 2002 when Mike Pence – who was then a member of the U.S. House of Representatives – stated publicly that he never dines alone with women other than his wife, Karen, and will not attend events featuring alcohol unless she’s by his side. Those comments resurfaced in a 2017 interview with The Washington Post, prompting some critics to accuse him of living by religious guidelines that “prop up male power and keep women subordinate.”

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