Army Birthday |

14 June 1775 – 14 June 2022 The U.S. Army is perhaps the nation’s most formidable fighting force, but did you know it was formed even before America declared its independence? Join as we celebrate the Army’s birthday. READ STORY HERE: Army Birthday |

Devotional Thought for Today – 04/07/2022

REVELATION 5 CONTEXT: Before we get into the specifics of chapter 5, a brief refesher on the Book of revelation itself. It is written in a style with lots of allegory, metaphor, and symbolism used to describe historic and prophetic events. This should never be confused for actual/literal descriptions of historical events. With that in mind, … More Devotional Thought for Today – 04/07/2022

Hypocrisy on the Hill: Pence’s rule ‘ridiculous,’ says Kamala

I posted this not to be political commentary as much as a comment on Godly living. Kudos to Vice President Mike Pence. – Mike A firebrand Democratic senator is tearing into Vice President Mike Pence because he takes safeguards to protect himself and his marriage. One of the unwritten rules in the 2020 campaign is … More Hypocrisy on the Hill: Pence’s rule ‘ridiculous,’ says Kamala