Friday’s Featured Sermon: “The Reality of God’s Wrath”

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January 26, 2019 by directorfsm

As you may know I have long advocated that far to many in modern evangelical circles tend to lean heavily upon the Love (Grace) of God and fail to preach the Wrath (Whole Council). It seems I am not alone 🙂 – Mike

by Darrell B. Harrison – Friday, January 25, 2019

Recently, I conducted an Internet search for “songs about the grace of God.” Among the results was one website that comprised sixty-two pages of such songs. My curiosity piqued, I then searched “songs about the wrath of God.” Not surprisingly, the results were not nearly as robust.

Today’s Christian music seems mostly designed to engage listeners at the level of personal emotion and subjective experience. To that end, many songwriters put particular emphasis on God’s grace. Of course, it’s only right to praise God for the blessings He has poured out on us, and the for sacrificial work of His Son on our behalf. And it makes sense that singing about the amazing grace of our Lord would stir our emotions and make us feel good.

But the predominant focus on God’s grace might indicate a kind of myopia when it comes to His other attributes. In fact, some Christian recording artists and authors put so much emphasis on God’s grace that it renders other facets of His character either subordinate or virtually nonexistent…

Continued at Source: “The Reality of God’s Wrath”

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