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August 10, 2017 by directorfsm

I received this email letter the other day from Sunny. Please consider supporting their mission in India. If you need more information click on the link to their website on our page (Favorite Links) or below. We also have a PowerPoint presentation that we can share. Also please pray for the needs noted. – Mike


Brother Mike and the Church,  Jackson, Mississippi, USA

  1. Christian greetings to you all  in Jesus name. Brother Mike it’s joy to communicate this way. This with much delight I write to tell you is that the lord is gracious to us protecting us in the very bad time of Indian history. In our area outreach/preaching is almost dead and it is due to so much of persecution and restriction by the anti-christian aliments and the government laws. Many many evangelists are literally in fear to go out to preach. However it is so encouraging to learn that whole Indian Christian community is in a sincere prayers, asking more courage to face the religious challenges laid ahead. It is surprising to know that whole of Indian society is so much of aggressive toward religion and Christians and Muslims are under a great threat. Many low caste( cow meet consumers) are being murdered daily and now democracy value is being faded in our country, especially in the northern part of India.


  1. But the good news is in the midst of persecution 36 people are ready for baptism and if the weather is good I will go up to the mountain of my tribal friends and baptize them and bring them to our Christian family. Please do pray that we are safe and no one notice what we will do on Sunday/13/08/2017.


  1. In the school we have handful of new children arrived, where as some old children had to go out because we don not have level 9th and 10th as yet and few children did not return from summer vacation because the children’s guardians objected about being Christianity taught in the school campus. And recently we had killed two locusts and in the kitchen during the dinner time a small cobra was killed. This is rain season and creatures bothers us. Please do pray that we are not harmed by any poisonous snakes and anything like that.


  1. In the school campus both the building is coming up and we are expecting to accomplish at least one building and the other side building will be executed next year. By November this year three nice guests rooms will be ready and team on mission trip may stay and do the mission works.


  1. A flood brought disaster for hundreds of villages in Rayagada district recently. 40,000 were affected by 4,000 were very badly affected and we are still thinking about doing some help thing for at least 200 families.


  1. I, Sunny, health is not been very good at this moment as I have told you before. I have a bulging nerve and nom leg and that causes me trouble. Physical therapy didn’t work out well in a medical but I was advised to see a best neurologist. To find a best neurologist I am trying to go to the southern part of india but for the next 90 days I am unable to get an appointment. Please do pray with me for my health. My family is doing well and so are the school children. In my next letter I will send some nice pictures of the activities.


Thanks to all members in your family and church and prayer partners for sacrificial giving and for loving concern and praying. We ask the lord to bless and keep you and His love endures forever upon you all in Jesus name.


Sunny & Kuni


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