Hurricane Laura

An all to familiar scene in the wake of Hurricane Laura can be seen in this early morning video of St Charles, LA. 

PLEASE PRAY for all those effected by the storm, those in the storms path (She is not done) and all those responding to the storm damage (First responders and Volunteers alike) 

Chattanooga TN

Once again a disaster has taken me away from home. Another tornado has struck TN this time in Chattanooga area.

Chattanooga tornado had winds of 145 mph as deadly storms damage ...
Chattanooga tornado had winds of 145 mph as deadly storms damage 150 structures in Tennessee (FOX NEWS)

I arrived yesterday for an approximate 2 week stay with Team Rubicon and from my small vantage point the damage far exceeds 150 structures.

Here is the Facebook link where I will be posting pictures. It is also unlikely that I will be posting my regular daily devotionals and the like until I return due to the work schedule.

Please pray for the men and women serving here, the families effected by the tornado here and the one in Laurel MS area.

Loving and Serving

This is my first post since March 6th and much has happened. The world has exploded with Corvid-19 and I have been on a mission trip with Eight Day of Hope #8DOH, in Mount Juliet/Lebanon, TN helping with the tornado recovery.

8DOH is a fine organization and I have worked with them since 2017. I know times are uncertain right now but after prayerful consideration please think about donating to them by using the link to the right.

You can see the pictures I took and some from others at the link here:

TN Tornado Rapid Response March 2020

Support Requested



Place your name on our Banner of Support by supporting our mission to support RFTW and Veterans

 Mission M25 Serves as Chaplain Corps, Chase Teams and Hydration Teams on two of the three routes of our ride across America.

NAME: ______________________________________________

ADDRESS: ____________________________________________

CITY: ________________________________________________
STATE/ ZIP: ___________________________________________

– – – POW/MIA to 71777

MAIL and Make Payable TO: 

Mission M25

PO BOX 30309

Amarillo, TX 79120

This year approximately 55-60 volunteer individuals, 25-30 motorcycles, 8-10 trucks and trailers will mobilize to provide hydration, love, prayers and support to your Veterans as we cross America- Leaving California headed to Washington DC for Memorial Day Weekend.

We welcome all donations in support of this effort no matter how big or small. The recommended Donation for Name on Banner is $250.00

We also covet your prayers during the actual run May 15–24, 2019 and for a week prior and after as many will be traveling to and from Ontario CA and Washington D.C. 

Please tell us how you would want it to appear: Ex: Church Name, Personal Name, In Memory of Warrior _________________________________________________________,

Thank You and may God Bless you for considering supporting Mission M25 and RFTW


For more information contact your local Jackson, MS

Mission M25 Chaplain

Mike Poirier, 1SG, USA Ret          

 601-339-6183 or email

Laboring For God

October 26

Blessed is every one that feareth the Lord; that walketh in his ways. For thou shall eat the labour of thine hands: happy shalt thou be, and it shall be well with thee.

Psalm 128:1-2

Jack sat down to supper with his family. Even after twenty years, there was something special about a meal that came from their own farm. Jack could imagine thousands of families sitting down to similar meals of produce from his farm. It made him feel like there was purpose to his life. The work was hard, there were worries about the future, but it was all worth it. The farm was Jack’s life. It would never be said that Jack was not fulfilled in his work. He couldn’t be happier.

Many people find no satisfaction in the work they do. Their lives lack purpose and meaning. Christians have an alternative source of meaning in their lives. If a Christian does a job, no matter how large or small, to God’s glory, then that person will find satisfaction. God doesn’t much care what we do, but He is always interested in how we do our jobs. If we do our work without grumbling and with a joyful heart, then we are witnessing to His power in our lives and we are pleasing to Him.

Prayer: Let me be not so concerned with the prestige of my job, or the salary it pays, or what other people think of it. Instead, assist me to always do the best that I can, to Your glory, Father. Amen.


Quite a number of years ago before we went into the mission field, on maybe my second trip to Lakeshore, MS, I was given the privileged of doing the morning devotional. My theme was Colossians 3:22-23 (AMP) Servants, in everything obey those who are your masters on earth, not only with external service, as those who merely please people, but with sincerity of heart because of your fear of the Lord. 23 Whatever you do [whatever your task may be], work from the soul [that is, put in your very best effort], as [something done] for the Lord and not for men.”  You see some of the jobs back then {remember all volunteers} were not so glorious, like dumping and cleaning out the toilet paper buckets each day or kitchen police detail. Yet doing those jobs in a manner not to please man or self but to please God sure seemed to make things go a whole lot easier.  It is a lesson I have tried (and at times failed) to remember daily. – Mike

HOUSTON – A Widow In Need – James 1:27


During my recent trip to Houston one of the houses that we “mudded out” (the term we use for gutting a house of all the wet furniture, appliances, possessions, drywall, flooring etc. of the homeowners) belonged to a widowed Hispanic woman named Mara.

Upon arriving at her home the first day I greeted Senora Mara with a very traditional greeting of Bendicio Senora Mara, como esta? Blessing to you Mrs. Mara how are you? she immediately began to cry and I thought I had said it wrong, but no those were tears of relief.

You see Senora Mara had felt (like so many others) completely isolated and alone since the flooding. She has family but they do not speak to her and her local church is small and without means it too was essentially wiped out by Hurricane Harvey. So we talked me in my badly broken Spanish and she in her quite understandable English. The highlight came when she and my wife (who is Puerto Rican) talked for nearly 30 minutes on the phone.

Unless you have experienced the loss of nearly all your life’s possessions it is hard to imagine or describe how Senora Mara felt as we systematically took piece after piece of her home apart and tossed it to the curb for the trash trucks to dispose of. All the while with no place to go she had to stay living in the home.  Senora Mara turned out to be quite the trooper as she worked side by side with our team for 3 days as we ripped her house apart.

Like so many others she had no flood insurance, why you may ask, well she was not in a flood zone and not eligible. The area she lived in had never flooded so FEMA had not designated it a flood zone. Of course FEMA came to her Aid, NOT!! They sent her a letter saying she could get a low interest loan, really, how does a widow living on Social Security of under $700.00 qualify or afford that?

Senora Mara at diner and church with us one night after we finished her house.


So here is the deal I am trying to organize team(s) of volunteers to go back to Houston preferably before the New Year, to work on putting Senora Mara’s house back together.  If you are available please email me and let me know, we will need to raise funds for materials, and food but I think I can secure us a place to bunk. 





I received this email letter the other day from Sunny. Please consider supporting their mission in India. If you need more information click on the link to their website on our page (Favorite Links) or below. We also have a PowerPoint presentation that we can share. Also please pray for the needs noted. – Mike


Brother Mike and the Church,  Jackson, Mississippi, USA

  1. Christian greetings to you all  in Jesus name. Brother Mike it’s joy to communicate this way. This with much delight I write to tell you is that the lord is gracious to us protecting us in the very bad time of Indian history. In our area outreach/preaching is almost dead and it is due to so much of persecution and restriction by the anti-christian aliments and the government laws. Many many evangelists are literally in fear to go out to preach. However it is so encouraging to learn that whole Indian Christian community is in a sincere prayers, asking more courage to face the religious challenges laid ahead. It is surprising to know that whole of Indian society is so much of aggressive toward religion and Christians and Muslims are under a great threat. Many low caste( cow meet consumers) are being murdered daily and now democracy value is being faded in our country, especially in the northern part of India.


  1. But the good news is in the midst of persecution 36 people are ready for baptism and if the weather is good I will go up to the mountain of my tribal friends and baptize them and bring them to our Christian family. Please do pray that we are safe and no one notice what we will do on Sunday/13/08/2017.


  1. In the school we have handful of new children arrived, where as some old children had to go out because we don not have level 9th and 10th as yet and few children did not return from summer vacation because the children’s guardians objected about being Christianity taught in the school campus. And recently we had killed two locusts and in the kitchen during the dinner time a small cobra was killed. This is rain season and creatures bothers us. Please do pray that we are not harmed by any poisonous snakes and anything like that.


  1. In the school campus both the building is coming up and we are expecting to accomplish at least one building and the other side building will be executed next year. By November this year three nice guests rooms will be ready and team on mission trip may stay and do the mission works.


  1. A flood brought disaster for hundreds of villages in Rayagada district recently. 40,000 were affected by 4,000 were very badly affected and we are still thinking about doing some help thing for at least 200 families.


  1. I, Sunny, health is not been very good at this moment as I have told you before. I have a bulging nerve and nom leg and that causes me trouble. Physical therapy didn’t work out well in a medical but I was advised to see a best neurologist. To find a best neurologist I am trying to go to the southern part of india but for the next 90 days I am unable to get an appointment. Please do pray with me for my health. My family is doing well and so are the school children. In my next letter I will send some nice pictures of the activities.


Thanks to all members in your family and church and prayer partners for sacrificial giving and for loving concern and praying. We ask the lord to bless and keep you and His love endures forever upon you all in Jesus name.


Sunny & Kuni


The Poirier’s Annual Mission Update Jan 2017



Please click on the link above to read our Ministry update for the past year.

New Face Book Page

psalm-127-1-scripturephoto_jumboGreetings everyone,

We have set up a new FB page for our Construction/Church Building Ministry. Our hope is to post projects around the globe and maintain a directory of teams that are available for work including their specialties.


Please check it out Faith Builders Ministry ( See the link at the lower right corner) and LIKE the page or use this link:

Eventually we hope to add a page/tab to this site with more info.

In HIS Service



Why Ex-Prisoners Can’t Find Work

Very Interesting article from our friends at Prison Fellowship.

It is a struggle for so many who have never been incarcerated. For ex-mates the challenges can seem insurmountable. But with God and His people it too can be overcome

Why Ex-Prisoners Can’t Find Work.